Book presentation event

"Educating the new generations to create a virtuous future through marketing"


> Fahim Kibria, CMO of Kotler Impact

> Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing

> Sadia Kibria, CEO of World Marketing Summit Group, il padre del marketing moderno

> Gabriele Carboni, co-founder of Weevo e co-author of the book

> Fabrizio Gavelli, Managing Director of Danone Company Italy and Greece

> Francesco D'Antini, President of NWG Italia

> Enrico Santarelli, CMO of Clementoni

> Giorgio Carafa Cohen, Head of Marketing and Communication of iliad

> Anna Micossi, Head of Group Communications of Fedrigoni

> Marcella Manzoni, Head of Global Customer Marketing & Customer Operations of Safilo Group

> Silvia Ciresa, Head of Development at ANT Foundation

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The world’s first marketing book around market-specific success stories.

  • 360 payment solutions
  • Aboca
  • Bauli
  • Bormioli Pharma
  • Clementoni
  • Curti
  • Danone
  • Dorbit
  • Felsinea
  • Flashpoint
  • GEA
  • iliad
  • IMA
  • Integra Fragrances
  • IRIS
  • Knauf
  • Kopron
  • Lamborghini
  • MT
  • NWG Italia
  • Distilleria Petrone
  • Rejoint
  • RGR
  • Safilo
  • SB Impianti
  • Sitma
  • Tapì
  • Tecopress
  • Top Automazioni
  • Trenton
  • Ugolini
  • Ilsa
  • Fedrigoni

Philip Kotler introducing Essentials of Modern Marketing

Sadia Kibria introducing Essentials of Modern Marketing

Philip Kotler

Philip Kotler

Father of modern marketing

Founder of the World Marketing Summit Group.

Gabriele Carboni

Game-changer of digital marketing strategies

Coordinator for the EOMM project in Italy.
Co-founder of Weevo.

Gabriele Carboni

Book overview

Kotler Impact is a strategic marketing community seeking to employ sustainable economic development. We believe that modern and sustainable marketing ideas should be shared with everybody, especially with the next generations. This is why our books are priced significantly below the actual market value.

Book preivew

Il Giornale delle PMI

"Nothing further beyond in modern marketing"

Daily Times

"The 21st Century Book about Business, Marketing and Management"

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